Affiliated to the ICSE Board from Preschool (Nursery) to Grade X. At Children’s Academy we endeavour to provide a progressive learning environment coupled with holistic development to our students. Our efforts aren’t to just guide the students through the ICSE academic curriculum, but to make them future-ready and capable of facing all challenges that modern life can throw at them.

I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

Albert Einstein
Knowledge gets obsolete over time. Our focus, hence, is on developing skills in our students, a broad spectrum of abilities that can equip them to be lifelong pursuers of learning. The skills we have identified for future-preparedness are communication, problem-solving(critical thinking & creativity), leadership, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, and teamwork(collaboration). Our classroom activities are geared towards establishing these skills in our students at an early age.
We persevere to be consistent with the latest trends and research in education. Our team of Research Associates design learning experiences tailored to deliver the desirable learning outcomes. They review and update lesson plans every year with the aim of providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities which will enrich our students’ lives, ensure a seamless transition from pre-primary to primary to secondary, and promote the highest possible academic achievement.
Academic achievement isn’t all that Children’s Academy is renowned for. At Children’s Academy, we aim to raise well-rounded individuals who can excel in various fields. When it comes to sports, our main aim when working with children is to begin developing their love for sports and extracurricular activities that they have an aptitude for. We believe that each child has an ingrained talent and our aim at Children’s Academy is to identify this talent, provide a base for it, help develop it, and help them succeed in whatever field they choose. Our result in the sports field speaks for itself. We can proudly say that our children have excelled at sports from the interschool to the National level. But sports are not the be all and end all of extra-curricular activities. The aptitude of some children lie elsewhere. Leadership skills, team spirit and discipline aren’t only learnt on the sports field. They can also be learnt on the dais and we have provisions for everyone.
Our children participate in elocution and recitation competitions, acting and singing competitions, debates, quizzes, and many more activities. Our aim, again, is to provide a base for the intrinsic talent of the students and provide them with the training necessary to take this talent to the next level.
At Children’s Academy, we believe in creating responsible citizens and as they say, ‘Habits caught young, stay for a lifetime’. We consciously undertake several activities to introduce to our students early in life, the aspect of social awareness, social responsibility, and strength of character. The approach is non-coercive and a participatory mode is adopted so that the learning is lasting.
Our Academy boasts of an environment where the educator is respected for his/her expertise and is always available to help, encourage, clarify, and motivate whenever the student needs it. We believe that every student is unique, has his/her own inherent abilities that will bloom with the right mentorship. Our students are appreciated for their willingness to take responsibility, become involved, and do the work needed to succeed. We thrive in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.
We believe that if empowered, our students can change the world!