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Our Differentiators

Happy, Engaged Students


Training for Competitions and Performing Arts

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Children’s Academy Group of Schools believes that it is imperative to start and promote talent from the nursery classroom. The school employs the best techniques to bring out the finest talents. In addition to our dedicated teachers and well-trained sports masters, professional coaches unleash the potential in our students to provide that winning edge. An intensive training regime is set before the students who excel in sports and performing arts. The trainers encourage them, whatever their level of ability, to strive to become the best performers. Students patiently and dedicatedly work through the many rehearsals and learn to focus on mastery over the score. For us, these are not just performing arts, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities, but a way to give our children true holistic development and foster in them skills that could last a lifetime.

After School Hobby Classes


Key Pillars to drive Academic and Co-Curricular Excellence

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Academic Rigor

At Children’s Academy, we pride ourselves on continued academic excellence over the course of five decades. We have not only managed to keep up with the changing times, but have excelled academically due to our core philosophy of maintaining a standard of excellence that we expect of our students.

Thoughtful Growth

In today’s day and age, students require a lot of support to carve their way through this ever-changing world. Counseling at Children’s Academy Group of Schools is designed to serve the unique needs of students while addressing their academic, social, and emotional needs as well. As educationists, we strive to create learners who will be capable of accepting the challenges of the new world order. As special educators, the responsibility is much more, working to create an environment where every student will have the tools needed to fulfill our school’s mission.

Community Spirit & Strength

It takes a village to raise a child but children can raise a village as well. Age doesn’t bar our students from helping the society around. Our aim as an educational institute isn’t just to raise good students but to raise exceptional citizens who will work for the benefit of our nation. Through various initiatives like The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon, 50 Acts of Kindness, In Sync- We Share, Skating for disabled students and much, much more we aim to teach our students to look beyond themselves.

Seamless Transition

Children’s Academy Group of Schools understands that the psychological and mental ability of children differ from age to age. Through extensive study and experience, we have come up with methods to help children transition from non-school going children to Pre-Primary students, from Pre-Primary tiny tots to Primary students and then from Primary students to Secondary students, all as seamlessly as possible.


Children’s Academy has always prided itself on being a technologically forward school, while, at the same time, ensuring that we don’t give into fads. Each classroom of the academy is fitted with a PC and a Projector. We have 2 state-of-the-art Computer laboratories per school. Each child of the academy is provided with their very own Children’s Academy Email ID and is added to their virtual Classroom on Google Classroom. Parents whose wards travel by bus need not worry anymore as they can track the bus through a mobile application. Each bus as well as every corner of all three schools are equipped with CCTV cameras as well to ensure the safety of all our students.


A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Children’s Academy has a storied past in the field of athletics. When it comes to sports, our main aim when working with children is to begin developing their love for sports and extracurricular activities that they have an aptitude for. We believe that each child has an ingrained talent and our aim at Children’s Academy is to identify this talent, provide a base for it, help develop it, and help them succeed in whatever field they choose. Our result in the sports field speaks for itself.

Co-Curricular Activities and Clubs

We, at Children’s Academy, firmly believe that no education is complete without the students being made to feel for the less fortunate. We have always sought to inculcate a sense of selflessness and make efforts to provide an array of social service opportunities to our students. This helps to expand their understanding of the social issues prevailing around them and also consider their role in finding solutions to the community concerns.

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