Top ICSE Schools in Kandivali East Ashok Nagar, Mumbai - Children's Academy

Ashok Nagar,
Kandivali (E)

Amply equipped and nestled in serene,
green surrounding to create a favorable
learning environment for quality education.

Eventually, Children’s Academy Group of Schools became the school parents would reckon with and wanted their wards to school in, but accessibility to the Malad branch was a challenge, as these parents resided at a distance from the school. We comprehended their need and urge to join us and therefore came into existence two newer branches of Children’s Academy Group of ICSE Schools in Kandivali East, one situated at Ashok Nagar, Kandivali East and the other at Thakur Complex, Kandivali. Our ICSE schools in Kandivali East, like the Malad branch of the Academy, earned a reputation, far and wide, of being one of the best academic institutions in the Mumbai suburbs.
ICSE Schools In Kandivali
Administrative Office
ICSE Schools In Kandivali East
Biology Lab - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Biology Lab
Chemistry Lab - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Chemistry Lab
Counselling Room - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Counselling Room
Digitally Equipped Classroom - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Digitally Equipped Classroom
Explorers Den - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Explorers Den
Indoor Activity Room - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Indoor Activity Room
Language Lab - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Language Lab
Multipurpose Mini Auditorium - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Multipurpose Mini Auditorium
Physics Lab - Children's Academy Ashok Nagar
Physics Lab
Childrens Academy Ashok Nagar Kandivali East
Pre Primary Classroom


Atmaram Sawant Marg,
Ashok Nagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400101


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